My Gold Day (Sunday, Part 3)

After we take a big applause for Jake’s blogging debut, ………………… (this is a pause for applause, blogger style, I suppose)…………………………… I continue onto the third part of my nearly perfect Sunday. (And here you thought I had done a fantastic job limiting the first post to under a 1,o00 words!) Really though, there were a few more meaningful lessons I had to get down before I ended my retelling of this particular day.

So, back to my story, after I dropped Jake off at Player’s Choice, I returned home to my little Benjamin. Ben was having a “gold day”, which is his description for a fantastic day. When he is sad, he says that he is having a “blue day”, and so, he derived that if your day is the opposite of sad, it must be golden. Hence, Benjamin’s good days are known as “gold days”. (Clever little fellow.) I was also having a gold day. After all, we had taken an alternate country route to the National Railroad Museum, (because the Packer traffic was backed up all the way to Appleton, so…) and to my surprise, the boys had enjoyed the trip through the countryside and had interacted in a way that made the extra miles worth it. They had enjoyed themselves once we got there, and Jake was now at a friend’s birthday party. Ryan was home watching football after he put in a day being a great Daddy. I was pretty sure we were all having a “gold day”.

When I got home, I played a few quick games of Perfection with Benjamin (his favorite because of the excitement of the board popping up and throwing the pieces) while Ryan watched the remainder of the Packers losing. But, alas, I had to finish up the project of sock sorting and laundry folding that I had started the night before, because I was creating quite a mess in our living space. Benjamin was disappointed by this, because he really wanted me to play Imaginext (fire fighter toys) with him. I bargained with him, and allowed him to play the Wii for a little while, which he is just beginning to really enjoy. I sat in the living room folding clothes and cheering him on as he bestroyed (destroyed) bad guy army tanks with his Wiimote and Nun-chuck.

Before we knew it, time had passed and it was time to pick up Jacob. Benjamin was quite upset that he had to quit playing Army Tank Bestroyer. Ben threw a small tantrum (huge for him, but small in the grand scheme of tantrums I’ve seen his brother throw over the same upsetting issue) and so I was forced to ground him. For the first time in his 5 years, Benjamin was not allowed to play video games till the following morning. (Somehow, I feel this must be a milestone of sorts.) He was quite upset as we put him in the van and drove up to Player’s Choice.

When Jake got into the van, he was pleasantly excited to tell us that everything went, “Great!”.  (He said this about 5 or 6 different things, it was funny.) Benjamin listened unaffected, until Jacob started telling him about the cake. Once Jake described how the frosting was, “Great!”, Benjamin finally had to object.

“I wish I were you and you were me, Jacob.” Ben admittedly, reluctantly. My heart broke a little.

And here was the proudest moment of my near perfect day:

“I wish you could’ve been there, too, Ben. Don’t worry though, I got you some candy from the party!”

And with that, big brother Jake opened up his party prize and pulled out a Spongebob themed taffy. He opened it, tor it in two, put one half in his mouth and handed the other to his little brother. Benjamin proclaimed,’

“Thank you, Jake! Now you made my day to a ‘GOLD DAY‘ again!”

I was having a grey day because a cloud of disappointment had covered my Ben’s mind, in my otherwise perfect day, but it lead to my witnessing Jake be a great big brother, and that turned out to be the alchemy that turned my grey to gold.


About Mindy

I am a mother of two boys, a disc golfer, a former derby girl, a sonographer and an aspiring writer. Sometimes words and events replay in my head endlessly until I let them out. I am verbose. I have lots to say all of the time. If there's something you'd like to know, you'd be better off asking.
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