Ben and the Ghost Train

So, the following is a book that I helped the boys write this weekend. We tried hard to use our imaginations, and this is what our combined creativity came up with. I must say, Jake was the biggest contributor. Being that it’s our first book, and the pictures are all the best I could do with free online editing programs, please be kind with your responses. Enjoy!

Once upon a time, there was a big boy named Ben. Ben loved choo-choo trains. Ben also loved Halloween and trick-or-treating. What Ben did not love was haunted Ghost Trains. Let me share with you how Ben learned that he did not love Ghost Trains.

Early one October morning, Ben put on his Halloween costume and went to the train station. Ben was dressed as a pirate. At the train station, Ben bought a ticket to ride the train to his Grandpa Wayne’s house. Ben had a special bag of Halloween candy with him to share with Grandpa Wayne, and he wanted to go trick-or-treating at his grandpa’s house. After Ben got his ticket to ride the train, he sat on a bench and waited for his train to arrive. When the train pulled up, many people got off, and the Conductor said, “ALL ABOARD!” Then, Ben hopped on the train. Ben found a seat on the top floor of a double decker coach. Ben sat a while, waiting for all the other people to get on the train, also.

Slowly, the train started to move on the tracks. Ben heard the train whistle sound, “CHOOO CHOOO!” Ben also heard the train go clickety-clack on the track. The train made a hypnotic sound, and Ben was getting sleeping, and so he closed his eyes. He was holding his bag of candy on his lap, tightly.

Suddenly, Ben felt a tap on his shoulder. He peeked his eyes open, and he saw a most frightening sight. He saw a pale faced person with blood splattered fangs. He saw a real, live, VAMPIRE. And behind the vampire, there was an actual skeleton. Next to the skeleton was the witch, adjusting her pointy hat. She was standing behind a zombie, who seemed to be moaning because she was hungry. Ben was scared out of his mind!!! He thought about screaming, but he didn’t think it would help. He thought about running, but he had nowhere to go. He thought about climbing out the window, but he thought he would get hurt when he hit the ground because the train was moving too fast. SO, instead, Ben simply said, “Hello.”

The group of spooks did not know what to say. They looked at the pirate for a long while. Finally, the zombie spoke up. “I’m hungrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy. I need to eat brains!”

The witch smacked the zombie with her broom, and said, “Silly zombie. Pirates don’t have brains! We need to steal candy.”

Ben held his bag of candy on his lap closer than ever to protect it.

The vampire replied, “Mr. Pirate, you should help us steal candy. We can scare the children on the bottom floor of this coach, and they will give us all of their candy.”

Ben thought about this idea for a moment. He wondered why the spooks had been nice to him. Then, he remembered, he was dressed as a pirate, and so, they must have thought he was a spook, also. But Ben really did not want to scare the children below. Ben wanted to take a nap. So, Ben replied to the group of spooks, “No thank you.”

The spooks were confused and very hungry. The zombie pleaded with Ben. “PLEASE help me scare the children, or I will eat their brains.”

Ben did not want the zombie to eat the children’s brains. Ben also did not want to scare the children and steal their candy. Ben had to think of an idea. Before Ben could even think of an idea, he saw the group of spooks heading for the stairs to go down to the lower level of the double decker. Ben quickly shouted, “WAIT! I will share my candy with you.”

The group of spooks slowly turned around, and walked back to Ben. Ben opened his bag a bit, and pulled out three pieces of candy corn. He handed one to each of the spooks. The spooks eagerly popped the candy into their mouths, and started chewing. After they swallowed the candy, they held their hands out for more. Ben reached back into his bag and grabbed a few pieces of chocolate shaped like ghosts, and handed one to each of the spooks. Again, the spooks gobbled up the candy and held their hands out for more. Ben kept reaching into his bag, and the spooks kept reaching their hands out for more candy. Soon, Ben had run out of candy. Ben looked at the spooks and told him the candy was gone. Ben felt sad because that candy was supposed to be a special treat for his Grandpa Wayne. Ben also felt scared because the spooks still looked hungry, and Ben was rather fond of his brain. He also did not want the spooks to scare the other children. Ben did not know what to do.

Luckily for Ben, just as he was sure the zombie was looking into his ears to try to see if his brain was yummy, the conductor walked up. The conductor said in his loud voice, “All spooks and goblins must remain seated, please.” And with that, he walked the spooks back to their seats. Ben was relieved, until he felt a sudden jolt. The train had hit a large bump.

Ben’s eyes flew open, and he realized that he had really been sleeping the whole time. He looked around, and there were no spooks to be seen. Ben only saw the other passengers quietly riding beside him. He felt very relieved. It had all been a dream after all. He let his eyes close again, and took a nap for the rest of the ride.

Before Ben knew it, he awoke to the conductor’s voice warning him to clear off the train. Ben eagerly grabbed his candy bag and started towards the exit to get off the train. When Ben got off the train safely and entered into the waiting area, he began to look through his bag. His candy was gone. Ben had thought for sure the spooks had only been a dream, but… if the spooks had only been part of a dream, then the candy would still have been in his bag where he had left it. Where could it have gone? Could the spooks have been real after all?

Someone sat next to Ben and put his arm around Ben’s shoulder. Ben looked up, and he saw the very same vampire from his dream. Ben screamed. The vampire quickly smiled, and Ben realized that the vampire wasn’t really a vampire at all. The vampire was actually his Grandpa Wayne in a Halloween costume. Ben laughed deep from his belly and said, “Grandpa! You scared me!” His grandpa laughed too, and gave him a hug.

Then, Ben remembered about his missing candy. He told his grandfather that he brought candy to share with him, but that somehow he had lost it on the train. Then, he told his grandpa about the scary spooks and his crazy nightmare. Grandpa Wayne listened carefully, and then had an idea. He and Ben went to the conductor and asked if they might be able to board the train quickly to look for a lost item. The conductor followed Ben and his Grandpa Wayne to the top floor of the double decker coach. Ben hurried to the very spot where he had sat on the ride over. Ben looked down on the floor. There, under his seat, was all of the candy he had packed to share with his Grandpa Wayne. Ben hurried to pick up the mess he had left behind, and turned to the conductor. “Grandpa was right! I must have dropped the candy while I was asleep!” Ben, the conductor and Grandpa Wayne all thought that was really funny, and shared a good laugh. Then, Ben and Grandpa got off of the train and started walking towards Grandpa Wayne’s house. As they walked away, they heard the conductor shout, “Happy Halloween, everyone! Now, ALL ABOARD!”

Ben smiled and held onto his Grandpa’s hand. He was having a Happy Halloween, indeed.


Happy Halloween, everyone! Thanks for reading!


About Mindy

I am a mother of two boys, a disc golfer, a former derby girl, a sonographer and an aspiring writer. Sometimes words and events replay in my head endlessly until I let them out. I am verbose. I have lots to say all of the time. If there's something you'd like to know, you'd be better off asking.
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