Day #5- Jake is Thankful for His Mom and Dad

Tonight I get to begin writing my blog a full hour earlier than normal, which is fantastic considering I can barely keep my eyes open. My day began yesterday around this time, when I gave my children popcicles and tucked them into bed. If you read my blog yesterday, you might recall that Ryan had to pick Jake up from school as he started running a fever midday, and I felt helpless being stuck at work, so I stopped and bought some yummy popcicles on the way home to help cool Jake down. What I didn’t tell you is that I specifically bought Italian Ice popcicles. AND, I bought this particular box of Italian Ice popcicles because half of them are blue razzberry (a favorite of Ben’s…) and Watermelon, which is a favorite of mine and Jake’s. The boys went to bed very quickly last night and I finished my blog and got myself to bed early. I was quite stoked.

And just as I was about to fall deep into my slumber, I heard the pitter patter of tiny feet and a small knock at my door. I quietly ignored the knock, hoping that my little guy might find his way back to his bedroom and allow me to fall deeply asleep. But, I had no such luck. Before I knew it, Ben was standing at the side of my bed.

“Mama, I am sick. I need medicine.”

So, I felt Ben’s forehead. He was cool at best, but certainly not at all feverish like his brother. I reassured him had no fever, and even though medicine can be yummy, he really didn’t need any. I turned him around and pushed him gently back towards his bedroom. Just as I urged him again, I heard the “urgle gurgle” sound that all mothers know all too well. I jumped to my feet, and like Superwoman, I half carried, half dragged Ben into the bathroom. I got him into the bathroom just in time for him throw up all over the area near the toilet. (But not actually in it, at all… sadly…)

I rubbed his back and helped him through his very uncomfortable gagging. I cleaned up his mess, (which by the way, made me absolutely regret buying blue Italian Ices…) and rubbed his back gently. I warned him that medicine might not make him feel better, but he still insisted it would help. And, feeling quite guilty for not taking his warnings seriously the first time, I decided to give him a dose of medicine. Then, I took him back to his bedroom. We cuddled up close in his tiny little race car bed, and though my feet were hanging over the edge and exposed to the cold, I thought I could be pretty comfortable for the rest of the night. Until… I heard that dreaded noise again. UGH.

I jumped up like a flash and whirled him back into the bathroom, just in time for Ben to again miss the toilet and instead throw up in the sink. While I doubt you’d like to be enlightened with the disgusting details, suffice it to say that grape Tylenol looks no better coming back up than does Blue Razzberry Italian Ices. Go figure.

Meanwhile, Jake was burning up even in his sleep. I woke Jake up gently, forced more Tylenol down his throat and had him join his father lying in our bed. I took Jake’s slightly larger twin bed for Ben and I. This time, I had been smart enough to remember a large pan for Ben so we didn’t have to sprint in the off chance I heard his tummy urgle gurgle again. And it was a very wise move, as Ben continued to throw up each and every time I felt my body relax and I was nearly ready to sleep. Each time, that is, until my alarm finally went off. I begrudgingly, at that point, waddled back to my bedroom and convinced Ryan he had to spend time with Ben. I slept in a little bit longer and hastily got ready for work. At this point, I was thankful only for co-workers who were tolerant of me not showering or brushing my teeth before my arrival. I also appreciated the cheap specialty coffee drinks that you can get at your local gas station for times such as these, when you’ve had very little sleep, if any, and need to spend a day using all of your mental capacity.

When I arrived home, Ben was feeling back to his old self, or so he said, though he still looked pretty pale. And, his efforts to mimic being completely recovered were underminded just a bit by his desire to randomly just lay down on the floor and rest, when he would normally be bouncing off the ceiling. Jake was still running a fever, but he was in mostly good spirits. I was, at that point, thankful for those times when your kids are sick but somehow that means you’re going to get very nice warm cuddles from them. (As opposed to the times when you are going to clean up their vomit or run them to the cold sterile emergency room.)

I should also mention today that since Jake stayed home, his teacher contacted me to let me know he was missed. Her email included some information about how happy she was with his performance in the classroom, and how she would be recommending him for the Talented and Gifted (TAG) Program. How strange to think my child would transition from Special Education to the TAG program. Though I’d not feel any less pleased with my son if he were being evaluated for going back into the Special Ed. program, I must say, I felt proud to read that my son might be considered for a Talented program. I suppose that makes me feel very thankful for each of the teachers who have encouraged Jake along his journey so far, helping him take small steps to catch up to his class and further his own potential. And believe me, as I watch Benjamin starting down the same path with the very same teachers, I am very thankful for our local school district daily. Perhaps I will write the coordinator of our special education programs a thank you letter tomorrow, in fact. I doubt these teachers get the respect they deserve for the patience they share while they teach our kiddos.

Ben feel fast asleep before I finished reading the first chapter of our bedtime story book tonight. I whispered to Jake, as he was drifting to sleep, and reminded him tonight was his turn. Tonight, Jake is thankful for his “mom & dad”. (He’s so sweet when he’s sick or tired.) Which was funny, because I was just thinking the reciprocation of that thought. Among other things, tonight I am thankful for patient co-workers, cheap gas station cappuccinos, my wonderful children and the hard working teachers who provide them with the skills they need to relate and enrich the world around us. And, I am especially thankful that Jake appreciates me, too.


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I am a mother of two boys, a disc golfer, a former derby girl, a sonographer and an aspiring writer. Sometimes words and events replay in my head endlessly until I let them out. I am verbose. I have lots to say all of the time. If there's something you'd like to know, you'd be better off asking.
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