Colorful Christmas Cookies

There’s something about Christmas that inspires the world around to start establishing and honoring traditions. Jake is currently doing an assignment where he has to color a square piece of paper given to him with something that represents a tradition our family honors for the holidays. He chose to draw a picture about baking sugar cookies. Jake’s teacher will combine his square with the others in the class and they will form a holiday quilt to remember traditions.

Jake was on to something. It’s true that we bake sugar cookies each year. Frankly, it scares me that this was the tradition he liked most, because I am not known for my baking skills…. and honestly in most cases I wont even eat them. The cookies are actually my least favorite of the Christmas traditions. It is messy to make them, the boys loss interest before I actually get the cookie cutters out, and there’s generally frosting all over everything before we are finished. Yet somehow, I always end up with a bellyache from eating all the dough before it’s cooked.

Jake's cookie for himself

But alas, this year we used pre-made colored cookie dough, and that proved to be quite fun. We had reddish pink, blue, yellow and green dough. Jake helped me cut the shapes out patiently while Ben was entertaining a play date with his little friend John. (Yep, for those of you who follow my blog, Ben FINALLY got John over to stay the night!!!) Jake was such a sweetheart, and created a special gingerbread shaped man for each boy, with special details. He also created a special gingerbread shaped girl for me.

The special cookie Jake made for Ben. Blue is his favorite color!

My special Gingergirl...

John's special cookie... green being his favorite color...

Jake got really creative and decided to mix the colors together to make “psychedelic” cookies. They actually turned out quite fantastic to look at and to eat.

psychedelic candy canes

Though I generally do not look forward to baking (as with most things domestic in nature), when I saw how excited Jake was to detail the cookies for his class project, (and how excited the boys were to munch them down) I could not help but be happy I carried this tradition on. Hopefully, Jake will learn to bake cookies properly with the help of one of his Grandmothers before he passes this tradition down to his children!

note the flour still on his cheek...

happy boys eating cookies!


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2 Responses to Colorful Christmas Cookies

  1. Good luck with your belly ache. Those cookies are dangerous. But if you make any ginger snaps, send a couple my way. Unfortunately, my wife isn’t a fan of ginger snaps.

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