Recap of Michigan Christmas Adventure

Excellent ornament to add to my Scrapbook Tree collection!

I’ve been dreading writing this post for sometime now, because it’s one of those events that you just don’t know where to start and where to end… and goodness knows I’m verbose enough as it is, without an plethora of information that I’m trying to convey, so… I’ll try to edit down to some specific highlights that involve the boys… (wish me luck and remember I tried.)

My family was blessed with the opportunity to go home for Christmas this year. Generally, in past years, when we’ve gone home, our out of state trip is usually fairly short and we spend an enormous amount of time traveling all over Michigan, trying to see each of our family and friends for a few fleeting seconds before heading to the next destination. And when that’s the best we can do, a quick hug and lunch is better than nothing at all. But this year was different. This year, we got to have a nice stay at each destination, which in and of itself was the best Christmas gift I’ve had in years.

Our journey started out going through Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, over the Mackinac Bridge, and to Grandma Goo’s house we went… Ben woke up confused, as usually our first destination is the Grandpa Wayne’s house, because he lives closest to the “big bridge”. Luckily, though Benjamin protested that we had went the wrong way, Grandpa Loo’s antics had Benjamin roaring with laughter within minutes of arriving in the early hours of the morning. (Actually, we arrived between 3 and 4am.) Grandpa Loo kept looking over the top of Ben’s head, searching for him, and asking everyone if they had seen him. Benjamin was hugging his grandfather tightly as he giggled and indulged his humor. This awesome little exchange set the whole tone for our trip. The entire trip was filled with giggling, humor, hugs and fun. Unfortunately, a lot of the trip also consisted of sleeping in, lounging in pajamas and overeating, so… I don’t have nearly as many pictures as I’d like of each stay. (Grandma’s never appreciate their pictures being taken when they haven’t done their hair and makeup, and frankly neither do I….) So, bare in mind that I wish I had a huge album to share, but we’ll have to suffice with the written memories. And, given that I could write entire books about the time we spent, I’ll try to limit this post with a list of highlights only, and perhaps I’ll elaborate on the highlighted points in future posts to break things up a bit. Really though… even the most specific, concise words could not capture the charm that was our Christmas holiday. (Oh, and all of us were spoiled. Really, really spoiled. Especially me!)

  • Santa found the boys and left gifts at Grandma Goo’s house, presumably because Jacob had the great sense to write him a letter and let him know where we were going to be staying. (Though I had planned on calling him anyhow…)
  • We played a really exciting game of “Lego Creationary” at Grandma Goo’s house. Amazing fun!
  • Ben got his first real gaming system, a Nintendo DSi XL, from Santa. (Apparently he was good, despite his mischievous behavior lately.)
  • We got to spend at day with Grandpa Wayne and Grandma Jan’s property, Camp Albert! We rode ATVs, snowmobiles and Jake even got to shoot a BB gun for the first time!
  • Ben learned that boy deer are “bucks” and girl deer are “doe(s)”. (Okay, how do you pluralize Doe????) Not sure why this was so exciting, but he sure thought it was. (FYI- Bucks have antlers, doe(s?)  just have ears…)
  • Jake got his very first computer from Grandma Linda. He is now the proud owner of a small Acer Netbook with which he uses for his school work and computer gaming alike. His perfect scores on addition and subtraction test, nearly perfect score on his dictation testing and a “way to be” award from gym class also lead to him earing his facebook page back, which was a nice compliment to this awesome gift.
  • Ben and Jake got to bring in the New Year’s with a good friend and cousin, Declend, as well as with Grandma Linda and her new kitty, Bowser.
  • We got to celebrate my mother’s large family Christmas with the family, and even though we were missing Gma Rae and Aunt Vickie, it still felt like the same old amazingly comfortable family. What a relief.
  • We got to visit my Grandpa and Grandma Ensign, which was really a nice treat, even if a gastrointestinal flu managed to delay our intended visit time. (Turns out if my boys are left to their own devices, they can play quietly with each other. Who knew?)
  • Ryan got a new Sony Handicam to capture a lot of these awesome moments. Stay tuned for future posts where you can see his handy work!
  • We made it home safe and in one piece. (Minus my hip flexers, which I didn’t even know existed till they decided to try to kill me, but that’s another blog altogether…)

All in all, I couldn’t have planned a better trip, nor would I have wanted anything other than what we got. My only regret is that there were some extended family members I from both families that we weren’t able to connect with. Regardless, thanks to all my Michigan family for making this my favorite Christmas ever.



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I am a mother of two boys, a disc golfer, a former derby girl, a sonographer and an aspiring writer. Sometimes words and events replay in my head endlessly until I let them out. I am verbose. I have lots to say all of the time. If there's something you'd like to know, you'd be better off asking.
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