Together Like Peas and Carrots… And a Side of Ham…

Speaking of Hams... Check out my camera hams...

First of all, a belated Hoppy Easter to all of my readers! I hope that your holiday went as well as ours did this year. As I’ve said before, (okay… as I once posted on Facebook…) regardless of your various religious devotions, if you are sharing a meal or even just a moment with your loved ones, Easter is a blessed day indeed. This Easter was no exception for our very lucky family. We were fortunate enough to have my mother and my cousin’s son, Declend come out to Wisconsin for the weekend. Initially, the visit was not panning out the way it had been intended. My mother’s time off from work was limited, so she had only 3 days, of which 16+ hours had to be devoted to driving time alone. (Round trip). When she finally arrived, my mother was fighting off some gastrointestinal discomfort which was most likely due to a stomach flu of sorts. Just to add to the excitement, my microwave had decided to start small fires when being used… so easy food fixes that I’m accustomed to were not much of an option. (Cue Little Caesar’s Pizza, which was probably not a good choice for those of us fighting off stomach related illness. Luckily, that was where the disappointment ended.)

From the moment Declend walked in the door, Jake was ready to play. Those two hit it off like peas and carrots. Within a minute of my mother walking through the door, Jake and Declend had disappeared upstairs where they would remain for hours. While my mother missed being the recipient of all of Jake’s attention, I think that she very much enjoyed a monopoly of Benjamin’s adoration.

Ben loved on his grandma all weekend!

Ben would alternate between climbing on Gma Linda and following Declend around, trying to make him feel welcomed. Ben tried very hard to win over Declend’s attention. Declend, in a similar manner, was doing his best to impress the slightly older kid, Jake. Declend eagerly agreed to anything Jake suggested. Mostly, this consisted of video games, Netflix and a few games of air hockey. But there were a few great surprises in the mix.

note the discs sticking perpendicular into the ground. Ryan taught the boys the art of the spike hyzer.

The boys became very interested in disc golf! We took some turns putting around in the yard, when decided to head to the local park so we could really huk a few discs. Everyone, including my Mom tried out various discs and shots. We each took a turn throwing a drive. The boys had a lot of fun throwing the discs straight up over soft ground, only to watch them spike deep into the ground when they landed. Both Jake and Declend gained some distance in their drive.  (Benjamin has a surprisingly naturally smooth throw. I’m very excited to watch him develop this talent.) And, as usual, it was fun to watch “my mother the lefty” learn to throw a disc. Everyone was being a great sport and it made for a fun afternoon. Jake and Declend decided to take some funny photographs before we left.

because every picture is funnier if you're censoring your butt.

And of course, as you would expect on such a holy Saturday Night, there were the conversations of staying up to meet the Easter Bunny and waking early in the morning hours to find all the eggs. Sadly, the boys passed out before 11:30pm CST, and it seems they missed out on our furry visitor. They did not disappoint on the early rise though. The boys were up and gathering eggs before the sun decided to rise. The egg hunt was exciting with eggs hung from the ceiling, the walls, and in every nook and cranny you could think of. The baskets took a little more work. Jake quickly found Ben and Declend’s for them, but got very upset when he thought the Easter Bunny had left him out of the fun, and he demanded that he at least be left a note to tell him he was naughty! Finally, Gma Linda conceded that she had already seen the basket, and in fact, he had been a foot away from it most of the morning…

Jake received a Nerf Dart Tag set, which came complete with two sets of protective glasses, a protective vest with with targets, two Nerf pistols and ton of additional ammunition. This was probably the most entertaining moment of the weekend. Jake and Declend went to Nerf War! And the results were EPIC:

Game On

Jake and Declend played for nearly two hours, until they finally had to cut the fun short. They ended their war with a trip to the neighbors house and a polite request to retrieve strayed Nerf darts from their fenced in back yard. Meanwhile, Ben cuddled his Grandma all to himself and took advantage of the candy the boys had found. Ben’s only dispute with me over the weekend came with regards to a bag of Cheeto’s. He had decided that he needed me to open the bag for him, though I had specifically told him that he could not have any snacks if he refused to eat his lunch. After a second gentle reminder that he could not eat Cheeto’s if he would not eat his lunch, he threw the bag of Cheeto’s with all his might to the ground. When I exclaimed, “BEN!” He looked me straight in the eyes, and slowly lifted his foot. Then he narrowed his stare and stomped his foot as hard as he could. The bag of Cheeto’s ripped open under the force of his stomp, and Cheeto’s shot across the floor. I was floored. This was so out of character for Ben. I think he was pretty shocked at himself, because he was crying before I had time to get my fingers pointing to the time out step. I held back from laughing in spite of myself, and cleaned up the remainder of his Cheeto’s for later. 5 minutes later he gave me a hug, apologized, and began to bug me for candy. Good thing he’s so adorable.

Overall, I’m really thankful my cousin allowed Declend to come out with my mother. It was a blast having them both here. I sure can’t wait till next time!

Happy Easter. Lock and Load.


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