Disc Golf

Aside from parenting and derby, the other hobby our family has become passionate about is disc golf. Disc golf is essentially played the same as traditional “ball” golf, using specialized Frisbees as opposed to golf balls. Your body  is your club. You will rarely see us sporting a golf cart. Otherwise, it’s a really similar sport. (Oh, and I forgot to mention it’s much cheaper.)

Disc golf is a perfect sport for families, as it allows for players of all ages and skill levels to play with one another, but compete only with themselves. It offers a level of commitment that varies from the very occasional recreational novice, to the advanced, professional athlete. It allows for men, women, and children of walking age. Disc Golf is easy to learn, and in its most basic form, you need only to get from the tee to the pin in as few throws as possible.  It takes you off the beaten path and introduces you to beautiful parks and trails as you walk through nature. Disc Golf discs are relatively inexpensive and most courses are free to play or have a very low daily charge.  Your whole family will get gentle exercise while having fun. Disc Golf can be played in nearly any climate, at any time of year. Seasonal changes such as the extra foliage of the spring, the dry earth of the Summer, the brutal winds of the fall and the drifting snow of the winter all present their own unique challenges to a course.

Here’s some links you should know:

www.PDGA.com The governing body of disc golf, creating and maintaining the rules that keep disc golf a legitimate sport.  The Professional Disc Golf Association

www.adroitdiscsports.com A great place to find the perfect disc, accessories or advice, no matter what skill level your game is at. (And all at a great price.) This is my husband’s new company, but we proudly take over the work that has been done by Scott Reek of Underpar Disc Golf. Thanks, Scott!

www.AADGC.com Our local league and disc golf supporters, the Appleton Area Disc Golf Club. Watch Ryan’s playing first hand, all summer! (Haha, sorry babe!)

http://www.innovadiscs.com/course/education-edge-program.html See first hand how disc golf is reaching out to the young community and gives them the tools they need not only to succeed at disc golf, but also in the larger world around them.

www.Innovadiscs.com The company that combines experience and technology to continue advancing the sport. Innova defines the good players from the champions in disc golf. Innova continues the efforts in spotting and supporting the rising talent, while still investing in the technologies to improve the most novice of players. (I personally am most impressed with their dedication to promoting to children and women.)

www.Discraft.com The MICHIGAN based company that helps advance amateurs into professionals. For my Michigan friends and family, please check out the Amateur National Disc Golf Championships held in Milford each year. While you’re there, pick up a disc and support a local company that is surviving the economic downturn by building up the local families.

This is just the beginning of a world of people who are working to continue the growth of the sport of disc golf. I hope that you give the sport a try and find as much happiness with it as our family has.


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