Roller Derby

Yes this is me. I refer to this as, "The Stay Puft Ninja"

Believe it or not, I have a name besides ‘Mommy’. I am also known to some as Libby Doe (sounds like libido) on the Foxz Cityz Foxz Roller Derby league. My number is 6T9, and I am beginning my 3rd year skating. I am currently skating my second season on the Paper Dolls, (home team) and just ended my season on the Scream Puffz (travel league).  I skated my first season on the Pushy Posse. Last year I held the position of Skater Relations Chair. this year, I hope to just relax and skate.

Roller Derby is different things for different people. Increasing numbers of skaters, refs, volunteers and fans are experiencing the in sport in the same way I do. For those of you who instantly envision the WWE style tactics of the televised banked track derby you’ve seen in the 80s, (think fist throwing, hair pulling and fishnets) we’ve got a tiny bit of that. More so though, roller derby is emerging as a very legit sport, is currently played on a flat track, (as opposed to a banked track) and as a nation we are seeing leagues building strong sisterhoods. (I often refer to Roller Derby as “group therapy”, because it turns out that if you put 60+ women, ages ranging from 20-50+ in a room, you are bound to find some ladies with sound advice no matter what your problem.) Roller Derby leagues are growing rapidly across the nation, and we are seeing the rise of female empowerment, with  women taking leadership roles within the organizations in departments such as Public Relations, Human Resource, Marketing among other things. I joined to get a little exercise and some time away from the family to focus on myself. I joined to become an athlete. I stayed because I became a more confident person. I became confidant, and I gained many confidants onto myself. I became part of our recruitment department. I became a sister.

If you’re interested in fast, harding hitting, full contact, strategy dependent fury, take a look at the links below. Find one of the few games where you are forced to play offense and defense simultaneously.  (My league, the original roller derby league in the Fox Valley.)

www. (The people who have transformed this from a hobby into a sport.)

Roller Derby Explained (Great video which does a far better job than I can do explaining it.)


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